About Us

Who We Are?

CodLUCK Technology ., JSC (CodLUCK) is a global DX solutions provider utilizing next-gen technologies (AI, blockchain, low-code/no-code, etc.) with 2 global branches “CodLUCK Technology” and “CodLUCK Japan”. With more than 12 years of developing DX solutions, and managing and operating software systems, our team supports global customers in solving any problems with technology.

Our Philosophy

To provide services that bring happiness to customers and society through combining people and technology

CodLUCK's Mission

To become a high-quality global DX solutions provider



CodLUCK’s people are developed according to their ability and dedication. The policy of coaching and mentoring are operated scientifically and seriously.



We always take commitment as a core value to every action and business.


Speedy & Innovation

We offer next-gen technologies research, PoC sample application release in 1 ~ 3 months. Accordingly, we can provide proposals and estimates in the fastest way.

Global Presence

CodLUCK drives digital transformation for businesses
globally through our international branches