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EC Package for SMBs,
ERP Solution for SMBs,
3D Modeling

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CodLUCK Case Study

This work is a BPO task. CodLUCK modelings 2D Images to 3D Images using variety of software and using ourselves AI solutions to increase productivity & reduce cost. A variety of products with those domains such as Furniture, Game, Fashion, E-Device.

CodLUCK Case Study

CodLUCK help the event organization evaluate the effectiveness (KPI) of the event by developing an event KPI tracking system that can automatically measures KPIs of the event (includes the number of attendees, categorizing customer interest in the product).

CodLUCK Case Study

CodLUCK supports Customers by providing trusted security solutions and AI solutions through the integration of systems and well supporting system construction on AWS.

We are finding colleagues..

We are not only recruiting employees, we are looking for colleagues to come together to fulfill our mission – the mission of a technology company to contribute to digital transformation for Vietnam and the World.

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Step 1.

Customers contact CodLUCK


Step 2.

CodLUCK Hearing Requirement, Make Estimation and Proposal


Step 3.

We both sign NDA,
Binding contract & Package contract


Step 4.

CodLUCK do development, testing & transfer for Customers


Step 5.

CodLUCK do Training, support delivery for customers

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