Business Expansion Support

Customers Concerns


Establish a new overseas office

Customers want to establish a DX solution development center/office in Vietnam but do not have the knowledge/experience in market, legal, recruitment, and IT company operations.


End outsourcing and develop talent in-house

Customers already have an overseas office and would like to change the system development, operation, and maintenance workforce from outsourcing to in-house.


Expand business global

Customers have offered services and products for years in the domestic market and want to enter the overseas market (Vietnam market) to develop and expand the sales channels.

How Can We Help?


Support for expanding the new offices

We provide extensive support services for establishing a center in Vietnam, including incorporation, business planning, engineer recruitment, and corporate operation support.


Support for in-house production at overseas subsidiaries

・Support for business planning
・COO, General Manager training
・Standardization support
・Assistance in recruiting, training, and setting up administrative departments


Support for expanding global businesses

・Short-term and long-term business planning
・CodLUCK can share resources (sales, MKT) in the facility and administrative departments
・Market research, localization of products in Vietnam
・Use DX tools to increase business value

Why Choose CodLUCK


High-quality and information security commitment

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We comply with the legal, tax, and regulatory requirements of the country in which you operate


Experienced in recruiting, training, and managing skilled IT professionals


Ability to conduct comprehensive market research

Document requirement

Download explanatory materials for the DX Business Expansion Support Project.