DX Solutions


1. Blockchain solution

CodLUCK offers end-to-end blockchain system development services to help product companies and non-IT enterprises build reliable blockchain solutions.

What we build:
・Smart contract
・NFT marketplace
・Metaverse, etc.

2. AI solution

We assist with AI implementation to help businesses develop, and integrate cutting-edge AI solutions in a wide range of:

・Generative AI: ChatGPT
・Machine learning: OCR, e-KYC
・Other AI solutions for specific domains (automotive, banking, etc.)

3. Low-code / No-code solution

Solutions that CodLUCK delivers utilize ServiceNow, Webflow platform to build and develop web applications in a fast and cost-minimized way while setting customers up for sustainable growth.

4. ERP/CRM/CDP solution

CodLUCK offers end-to-end ERP solutions to address the enterprise’s unique operational and strategic needs. We also have been working with CRM platforms to help customers build effective sales and customer service processes across 10+ industries, including:

・E-commerce, etc.

5. 3D / AR / VR solution

CodLUCK uses our own AI technologies to ensure high-quality 3D models

CodLUCK’s core skills lie in the creation of 3D modeling from 2D data and various AR and VR applications such as:
・Exhibition simulations for the e-commerce industry
・Clothes, bags models for fashion
・Interior furniture, electronic devices with very small details for manufacturing
・Charaters for game and entertainment
・3D printing, etc.

5. E-commerce solution

E-commerce solutions focus on achieving higher efficiency in business operations and creating customer-centric experiences for digital and physical sales channels. We provide entire solutions using platforms such as:
・Others (PHP Lavarel, etc.) plus search engine optimization (SEO)

Let CodLUCK help you scale rapidly and make profit faster!