Customer success story

GPTLUCK – AI Powered Marketing Platform

About Client
B2B sales company headquartered in Japan, with services in software development and DX solutions
AI; Marketing
10 man-month
2 months
Python / NodeJS / ReactJS / PHP Laravel / ChatGPT (OpenAI API)


The ChatGPT-powered system (named GPTLUCK) aims at reducing the time in creating content for the marketing department. The Client wanted to build a secure system that could integrate with their existing platforms and support a variety of input & output file formats.


CodLUCK’s Solutions

  • Our developers utilized OpenAI’s service in creating articles and blogs.
  • We designed sample prompts and improved them for corresponding sets of articles.
  • CodLUCK supported integrating GPTLUCK with the existing systems (third-party systems).
  • Providing a wide range of services, from consulting to development and environment setup.


  • SVG
    GPTLUCK helps the Client automatically generate content with marketing templates such as AIDA, FAB, PAS,…
  • SVG
    Data formats that can be referenced include PDF, CSV, DOC, etc.
  • SVG
    Data linkage methods include API linkage, site map reference, voice data input.
  • SVG
    GPTLUCK is developed as a microservice – highly flexible and capable of integrating with Client’s existing platforms.