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CodLUCK Has Won The Sao Khue Award 2024 – The Biggest Award Of Vietnam Software Industry

We are thrilled to announce that our software development service has been recognized with the prestigious Sao Khue Award – the biggest award of the Vietnam software industry. This prestigious honor, bestowed by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), recognizes CodLUCK’s exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment to advancing Vietnam’s IT industry.

Generative AI In RFP Automation – A Transformative Leap In The RFP Process

Crafting an RFP traditionally entails significant time and complexity; especially in the industry where traditional practices frequently conflict with contemporary requirements. The conventional manual methods of conducting operations deplete resources and hinder the ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving sector. Hence, leveraging generative AI can notably streamline and simplify this intricate task, promising enhanced efficiency and efficacy.


Top 9 CRM Trends For 2024

As the CRM market continues to boom, businesses must stay abreast of transformative trends that could reshape customer relationships and strategic approaches in 2024. Following the explosive rise of AI technology in 2023, the looming question is: How will it impact CRM this year? This blog post will explore the top 9 CRM trends in 2024 and some use cases of AI in CRM.