Customer success story

B2B Website For An Equipment Supplier

About Client
An equipment supplier for big FDI enterprises
E-commerce; Supporting industry
8 man-month
3 months
Wordpress / WooCommerce


The Client’s old website could not provide the best experience for the end-users so they planned the idea of developing e-commerce. Their customers also did not clearly understand how their solutions & products will work. 

CodLUCK’s Solutions

  • CodLUCK’s team delivered a UI-trending website in line with the Client’s requirements. The website features several sets of functionality to let users to order products according to their category from the website.
  • We worked with the 3rd party to provide a complete B2B e-commerce solution (order product, send inquiry form).


  • SVG
    End-users were able to feel how their order looks in real-time before they order.
  • SVG
    The cooperation resulted in a successful delivery of the required B2B e-commerce website.