Customer success story

Environmental Monitoring System

About Client
Korean company factory in Van Trung industrial park, Bac Giang.
5 man-month
1 month
Figma/ MySQL / PHP Laravel/ Vuejs/ .NET/ Babylon js/ Websocket


The customer proposed a multi-dimensional system, including fire protection sensors and PH and water level sensors to monitor the factory. Data from the sensors will be transmitted to the PLC data cabinet. At the same time, they want to develop a website that responds in real-time, displaying fire alarm data and PH/water level indicators, along with warning effects on the 3D model when there is an incident.

CodLUCK’s Solution

  • Using HMI to push data from the PLC data cabinet to the MySQL database management system so that the website can access it.
  • Developing 3D model website using Websocket to push real-time data displayed on 3D model.
  • Developing effects when signaling fire alarms:
    – Warning on 3D model (zoom to building on fire, zone on fire).
    – Sending notifications via email and telegram systems.
  • Developing warning effects when the signal received PH/Water level exceeds the normal threshold.


  • SVG
    CodLUCK developed 3D models close to the actual factory, meeting customer requirements.
  • SVG
    Website optimized UI/UX.
  • SVG
    Real-time display data and warning effects meet customers’ expectations.