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MetaLUCK – Blockchain Development

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DX Solution (Blockchain solutions)
12 months
Solidity / Unity / C# / Python / ReactJS


– Building a virtual world for living, working, entertainment,…that players can create their own digital content (3D avatar, building,…)

– There are some spaces: Cinema, Art-exhibition, Game center (where players can play game and earn coin); Shopping mall; LandLUCK (where players can buy/sell/build their building on the LAND)

Project Outline

1. Feature

Virtual world – Real life

Entertainment center

Customizable environment

・Work shop

・Business matching fair

・Working space

・Office for rent


・Art exhibition

・Game space


・Players can create own content:

  • Avatar
  • Building
  • Shop

following to the standards of MetaLUCK

2. Business Model




B2B Business

・Players create content & transact in NFT marketplace

・NFT sale & NFT rent mechanism

・Sell ticket / rent some spaces like: cinema, art exhibition,…

・Advertising on building

・Tax on players selling or auctioning LandLUCK

・Rent space (include shop and estate)

・Provide service that connects MetaLUCK players to B2B businesses (eCommerce)

3. Tokenomics

  • CoinLUCK (CLK) is a cryptocurrency which is representative of the MetaLUCK project.
  • The CLK platform is based on Polygon.
  • Investors can buy CLK tokens from an early stage (private sale or seed sales) for a preferential price.
  • Players use METAFI (MTF) coins to make transactions in METALUCK.

Some Images From Project

MetaLUCK website

MetaLUCK AR Application

MetaLUCK marketplace

Our Solution

  • SVG
    Build MetaLUCK as a Metaverse platform based on the Polygon Blockchain ecosystem.
  • SVG
    Develop own coin called CoinLUCK (CLK) – token based on Polygon technology for players to make transactions.
  • SVG
    NFT-ize products created in MetaLUCK.
  • SVG
    Build marketplace for players to exchange items to the outside world.