Customer success story

Edo Period Metaverse World

About Client
B2B sales company headquartered in Japan, with services in software development and DX solutions
Blockchain; Information technology
10 man-month
3 months
Unity / NodeJS / ReactJS / Solidity


The Client wanted to create a metaverse world in the simulation of Edo Period of Japan that includes: metaverse space; 3D models; marketplace (buy/sell items); NFT system.

CodLUCK’s Solutions

  • Our team built an NFT system on the Polygon network and created a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, minting NFTs for sale, and using them within the metaverse.
  • We developed a metaverse web system.
  • Our 3D artists generated 3D models in Edo period style based on external images.

Key Features

  • SVG
    Customizable platform
  • SVG
    Digital collectibles
  • SVG
    NFT trading
  • NFT mint mechanism
  • Open platform – capable of integrating with other marketplace