Customer success story

VR Exhibition Space For Stonework Showroom

The Client
Stoneworks seller with a big stonework showroom in Japan
3D / AR / VR
20 man-month
6 months
Unity / PHP Laravel / Blender


As the number of stonework models is expected to increase in the future and implementing this will incur additional costs, the Client desired to build a VR system so that their customers can experience in the most realistic way instead of imagining the size, texture, or colors of all product models. 


CodLUCK’s Solution

  • CodLUCK team used Oculus Quest 2 headset to build the VR system.
  • Our artists also created 3D models from customers’ 2D images or 3D CAD files to incorporate into the VR system.


  • SVG
    The VR system allowed exploration of stonework models, overcoming showroom limitations. 
  • SVG
    Users (customers) can choose the environment and select different types of stoneworks from the product list to try out in the chosen environment.
  • SVG
    They can adjust the size and move around to view the products with the most realistic quality possible.