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3D AR in eCommerce

Post-Covid eCommerce World Focus On 3D & AR – 5 Ways They Help To Succeed

The shopping trends of COVID-19, namely a shift to online commerce, are likely to persist well after the pandemic is behind us. One way brands can adapt to the evolving eCommerce landscape is by embracing novel technologies such as 3D and augmented reality which have a number of benefits for shoppers and businesses alike. As a result of the shift to online sales, it is important for brands to direct their efforts and spending to create the best eCommerce experience possible with 3D & AR.

vaccine covid-19


On August 30, CodLUCK deployed the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination to all employees in Hanoi. At the vaccine location, all staffs follow the vaccination process according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. p to now, everyone’s health is quite good without side effects of vaccine. The first layer of “armor” against Covid-19 has been completed, the next dose of vaccination will be the second armor, which is also the last layer to end the vaccination campaign of CodLUCK.