Business Cooperation Announcement

CodLUCK Technology and Lamo Technology signed a business cooperation agreement in the field of AI and Low-Code system development services – Expanding the promotion of Digital Transformation to the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets.

CodLUCK Technology ., JSC (referred to as CodLUCK) – the provider of services related to consulting on digital transformation solutions, developing and integrating AI systems; combined with Lamo Technology Co., Ltd. (headquarters Saitama, Japan, legal representative: Hirose Tomomichi, referred to as LAMO) – the technology company specializing in consulting and providing digital transformation and system integration solutions AI, system development using Low-Code technology; signed a business cooperation agreement in related services to deploy to customers in Southeast Asia and Japan.


1. Japanese businesses are being criticized for slow digital transformation

According to a report related to the field of digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as DX) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan,  the decision-making process of businesses and organizations in Japan towards promoting Digital transformation needs to be accelerated even faster. In Japan, many companies sign contracts with technology partners and entrust them with requirements planning, system design, and then the development of 70% of IT technology engineers. depends on the analysts and designers of this system. Therefore, the role of digital transformation consulting companies is very important.

Besides, since 2019, changes in the global supply chain have led to an even more urgent need to shift production to Southeast Asian countries (including Vietnam). The Information Technology industry itself also has companies wishing to expand their business in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.

Refer to the DX report of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry here

2. Necessity to promote DX platforms into Offshore development activities

Difficulties in implementing Offshore projects before Covid19 such as language, time zone difference, distance, culture, etc. have changed during the Pandemic. Companies and organizations shift from centralized working to remote working. The same goes for companies in Japan, building a remote working environment has become an essential need. This is an opportunity for Offshore services in general and new-style Offshore services (using DX solutions) in particular to develop.

3. The process of supporting companies in building global development teams (Global Development)

In the context of more and more companies needing to promote digitalization of the system development process, Agile development, remote working…, it is necessary to systemize and standardize the development process. Offshore methodically; In which the process of “defining requirements” is a very important thing. The Japanese side’s work to hear and define customer requirements (make requirements), then create a basic design before transferring it to the Offshore team for development must be done thoroughly. That is the key point that determines whether offshore development (Global development) is successful or not.

4. Promoting DX in Southeast Asian companies

During this pandemic period, Japanese companies cannot go abroad to work, leading to difficulties in implementing digital transformation for subsidiaries in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. Therefore, digital transformation consulting services, using available platforms such as Low-code, CRM, and ERP, are essential. Applying available platforms will help speed up the digital transformation implementation process as well as significantly reduce costs compared to developing a system from scratch.

The detail of cooperation

CodLUCK and LAMO cooperate in the following 4 areas:

  • AI development, Development and provision of AI systems
  • Develop and provide Low-Code solutions (Pleasanter) towards Vietnamese and Japanese businesses in both markets
  • Digital Marketing and Creative fields
  • Global development, remote working and onsite personnel in Japan

Under the influence of the Covid19 pandemic, Japanese and Vietnamese businesses need to accelerate the digital transformation process. The cooperation between CodLUCK and LAMO not only perfects the service ecosystem of both sides, it also helps strengthen the trade bridge between Japan and Vietnam; helping the two companies contribute together to the digital transformation of the two countries in accordance with the mission that CodLUCK has set out since its inception.

CodLUCK Technology ., JSC (Vietnam)

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  • Established:7/2020
  • Headquarters:HL Tower Bld, 6/82 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Ha Noi
  • Representatives:Mr Nguyen Vu Hien

Lamo Technology Co. LTD (Japan)

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  • Established:7/2020
  • Headquarters:Saitama, Japan
  • Representatives:Mr Hirose Tomomichi