Metaverse – The Next Version Of The Internet

The term “Metaverse” has become a very hot keyword, especially in the world of technology and games. Recently, the founder of Facebook (the platform used by more than a third of the world’s population) – Zuckerberg has statement about orienting Facebook from a “Social Media company” to “Metaverse company”.

So what is Metaverse? Why is it supposed to be the next version of the internet? What is its potential?  All the above questions will be answered right below. CodLUCK invite you to find out!

1. What is Metaverse?

a) Metaverse is a portmanteau of meta, meaning transcendent, and verse, from universe.

Metaverse chính là vũ trụ kỹ thuật số
Metaverse chính là vũ trụ kỹ thuật số

Metaverse is as known as a virtual space created from the Internet and augmented reality tools (such as VR glasses or other devices), to help us connect and interact with each other like a real society.

To make it easier to imagine, you can watch the movie “Ready Player One” – a prime example of this universe.

Ready Player One - the movie title adapted from the novel of the same name is a prime example of the metaverse
Ready Player One – the movie title adapted from the novel of the same name is a prime example of the metaverse

b) Layers that make up the Metaverse

There are 4 basic layers that make up the Metaverse including:

  • Foundation Layer: The foundation for connectivity is the Internet.
  • Infrastructure Layer: There are hardware components that help us have authentic experiences. In addition to hardware components, the technologies to form the metaverse are also in this layer (some technologies can be mentioned as Blockchain, AI, Big Data,…).
  • Content Layer: On this layer we will have games and applications that help users immerse themselves in one or more different worlds, for the most vivid experiences.
  • True Metaverse: This is the last layer, when the lower layers develop to a certain extent, we will have a true Metaverse.

Layers that make up the Metaverse
Layers that make up the Metaverse

The foundation layers are the foundation for the development of the higher layers. During that development, all will be updated continuously, not stopping at a fixed state, specifically as follows:

Internet: Although the internet is currently developing very strongly, researchers are constantly making many new advances in internet technology, such as 5G technology,…

Infrastructure (hardware): The race for hardware components has never stopped but also tends to develop strongly. The underlying technologies are also getting closer to real life. The most recent are the 2 nanometer chips – the smallest and most powerful microchips in the world made by IBM.

Layer Content: We can see in the form of games, and this layer is still waiting for further improvement from Infrastructure to really explode in the future.

2. Why is it supposed to be the next version of the internet?

  • The technologies related to Metaverse, i.e. VR, AR and Blockchain, are the key drivers driving the next generation of internet. Artificial intelligence (AI) along with virtual reality technology (VR, AR, Blockchain) become more and more popular, now the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the driving force for the internet ecosystem to transform faster. From the search results on the internet that “can only be seen”, with the true Metaverse, we can also “touch”, “explore and experience” unlimitedly.

For a true Metaverse, we can have unlimited experiences and discoveries
For a true Metaverse, we can have unlimited experiences and discoveries
  • Metaverse is expected to support many industries in the future. In the field of education, online classes are increasingly increasing through applications such as Zoom, Live stream, etc. However, watching lectures on a computer screen is not an optimal way to learn. Therefore, many universities are researching ways to bring VR into online learning. In the Metaverse, universities will have entire virtual campuses where students from all over the world can learn, work, and socialize both inside and outside the classroom. It must have been a great experience.

Virtual environment in Metaverse
Virtual environment
  • With the outstanding development of the Internet and Smart phones, we are living in a flat world with 2D screens. However, this is not the final destination of the technology. The next destination is Metaverse, where everything goes from 2D to 3D. As a result, we can freely imagine and experience the Web world in a much more natural way. With this promising industry, you can do whatever you want, be it work, meeting, shopping, playing billiards, studying or anything online.

3. Some examples of Metaverse

With the current technological limitations, having an experience like in “Ready Player One” is impossible. However, we can see that there are currently many products built with the Metaverse concept, especially the following games:

  • Minecraft: An open world game where you can exploit resources to craft tools, build buildings and create your own world as well as interact with other players through features and modes. different levels of play.
  • GTA V: In the game’s Multiplayer mode, you can interact with many other players, with a lot of different trading or communication activities.
  • Roblox: A game that allows players to be creative based on a variety of tools provided by the developer. Has support for experiences with VR, storing data on Cloud. And especially provide a system of economic incentives for players.

Some examples of Metaverse
Some examples of Metaverse

In the Crypto Market There are also many examples of Metaverse such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, … In these games you can create your own worlds, own property through NFT as well as trade them through Marketplace, …

4. The future prospects

Although Metaverse is still just a concept of the future, its growth potential is undeniably huge. We would like to list three proofs as follows:

  • Metaverse is waiting for the further development and popularity of VR, AR and Blockchain technologies – the infrastructure layers. Thus, it is only a matter of time here.
  • Big development market: According to research from LD Capital, the Metaverse industry will include two main components: First, the hardware industry (chips, electronic components, virtual reality devices …) with a global value in 2020 of about $944B with a compound annual growth rate of 9.4% (according to The Business Research Company). The second is the content industry (metaverse experience platform: games, social networks, …) with the gaming industry’s own value of about $174.9B.

Gaming industry growth report in 2020
Gaming industry growth report in 2020
  • The metaverse is attracting the attention of big companies – organizations with abundant resources in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Facebook announced its participation in the Metaverse Industry; Epic Games – the company behind the game Fortnite raised $ 1B with a vision to build Metaverse; NFT game projects such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, Crypto Voxels and The SandBox have continuously launched and proved their heat when attracting a large number of interested people.

Mark Zuckerberg is betting Facebook's future on the metaverse
Mark Zuckerberg is betting Facebook’s future on the metaverse

All of the above breathed new life into the term of Metaverse as a precursor to an expanded digital world. This is probably the time to start the countdown until the Metaverse explodes and becomes the next version of the internet.

5. How to start making the move with metaverse

Metaverse is not a product, but the future of the Internet. Various companies, such as Microsoft and venture companies specializing in advanced technology, are working on Metaverse. However, there is currently no fixed method or common platform for using the Metaverse. Regarding how to utilize the Metaverse, it is important not to seek a fixed correct answer, but to identify changes in the world and work on it through various trials and errors.

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